GrpV22 Analog Vocoder


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Grp V22

GRP Synthesizers V22 is a 22-band analog vocoder great for processing vocals and creating other-worldly robot sounds. It features 20 band pass filters, one low pass filter, and one high pass filter. Each band has envelope follower output, VCA input and output level for band mixing.

External audio can be connected through a combo XLR/TRS input, after which it is processed through the voicee/unvoiced detector for automatic switching between synthesis with the internal noise and VCO carrier. The carrier VCO has saw and pulse waves and features both CV and MIDI control. Both the carrier VCO and carrier noise have dedicated level adjustment. The V22 features a slew rate on the bands. The time response of the symmetry is selectable for only attack, only release, or attack/release. The slew rate goes from almost instantaneous to full freeze with a dedicated freeze slew switch. The freeze slew switch features both gate and MIDI control. The slew also has CV control over time.

The V22 has both even and odd outputs and MIDI In/Thru. It operates fully standalone, but it can also be racked in a 5U modular case, and occupies eight units of width, and is compatible with DotCom or Moon power supplies. This vocoder is a powerhouse, bringing all the goodness that analog vocoding has to offer.

V22 Features

  • 22-band analog vocoder
  • 20 band pass, one low pass, and one high pass filter
  • Envelope follower per band
  • VCA per band
  • Voiced/unvoiced detector for automatic switching between noise and internal VCO carriers
  • Combo XLR/TRS/TS input
  • Noise gate and compressor
  • Odd/even stereo outputs
  • Dedicated high-pass filter on main output
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Can be installed in a 5U case with DotCom or Moon modular power supply
  • 48 dB bandpass bands @ 220, 262, 311, 370, 440, 523, 622, 740, 880, 1047, 1245, 1480, 1760, 2093, 2489, 2960, 3520, 4186, 4978, 5920 Hz
  • Full Specs TBD
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