GrpA2 Analog Synthesizer


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Grp Synthesizer A2

The A2 is a full-fledged Grp Synthesizer analog synthesizer optimized for use as a killer monosynth; capable of self-generating patches as well as external MIDI and CV control, this powerful little synth is ready to fit into any workflow. With MIDI arpeggiation and a host of extended-function modulation sources, the A2 extends the concept of the classic monosynth and allows for greater refinement of articulation, timbre, and more: looping AHDSR envelope, VCLFOs, Sample & Hold, and extensive modulation options are a sound designer's delight. Coupled with its rock-solid construction, this synthesizer is a force to be reckoned with in the studio, on the stage, and beyond.

A2 Features

  • Two VCOs with numerous shaping, modulation, and tuning options
  • Built-in ring mod for VCO1 and 2
  • White Noise generator
  • Audio Mixer with dedicated controls for VCO1, VCO2, Ring Mod, and Noise
  • 12dB/Oct State Variable filter with integrated distortion, keyboard tracking, and various modulation options
  • VCA with dedicated EG
  • Output section with VU meters
  • One multi-stage enevelope with looping option
  • One AD/R EG
  • Two voltage controllable LFOs
  • Sample & Hold with selectable signal and clock sources
  • Integrated MIDI-CV converter with front panel controls for master tuning, portamento, bend range, and more
  • MIDI note, pitch bend, modulation, aftertouch, damper, and clock supported!
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Weight: TBD
  • Power: 120VAC input (US IEC cable included)
  • MIDI: IN/THRU via 5-pin DIN
  • USB: firmware upgrades only
Product Demo Videos
GRP A2 Analog Synthesizer
The GRP A2 has two thick analog VCOs and a state variable VCF. The A2 has tons of routing and modulation options all available on rotary switches and a ring modulator as well as a VCLFO and regular LFO as well as two envelopes that are each unique.

There are CV as well as midi control inputs and an arpeggiator built in. The glowing VU meters let you monitor the output which although it is a monophonic synth, different filter outputs can be output at once.

In the first part of the video we used the Elektron Model:Samples for drums and sequencing of the A2.
Grp A2 Analog Synthesizer Reviews