GrayscaleSupercell Granular Synth (Aluminum)

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Grayscale Supercell

The Grayscale Supercell is an expanded yet simplified take on Mutable Instruments' famous Clouds granular texture synthesizer. It features the same dreamy sounds which made Clouds one of the essential Eurorack modules, but with key improvements such as VCAs for modulating input and output volume along with mute buttons, individual knob and CV control over the four functions originally covered by Clouds' Blend parameter, a linear FM input, and a manual Trigger button for capturing individual grains.

Supercell Features

  • Expanded granular texture synthesizer
  • Input and output VCAs with LED level indicators
  • Input and Output Gain control with mute buttons
  • Internal smooth random CV generator
  • Configurable Aux input
  • Position, Size, Pitch, Density, and Shape control with CV control
  • Individual Blend parameter controls with CV input
  • Manual Time, Hold, Trig, and Bank buttons
  • Silver front panel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 34hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 180mA @ +12v, 60mA @ -12v
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