Golden Age ProjectCOMP-554 MKII Vintage-Style Compressor


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Golden Age Project COMP-554 MKII

Inspired by the 1969 2254 compressor, the COMP-554 MKII from Golden Age Project uses discrete components instead of an integrated circuit to achieve a unique sonic characteristic. Vintage gear often has a certain sound quality that musicians and engineers often prefer with the downside being availability as well as reliability. With the COMP-554 MKII, you get the quality of modern components, with the vintage-style signal path provided by the discrete resistors, capacitors, and transistors, as well as transformer balanced input and outputs. An easy-to-use front panel provides access to the familiar Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Recovery, Makeup, and Sidechain controls present on most compressors. A three position Air EQ switch and two position output termination switch gives you access to different characteristics and tones. Three flexible sidechain options—Internal, Insert, and External—are all electronically balanced at 4dBu and with two insert connectors, an EQ-573 could be an insert in the main signal path and/or in the sidechain signal. Able to be linked with a second unit for stereo operation, the COMP-554 MKII is flexible and able to expand to fit in any size studio.

COMP-554 MKII Features

  • Vintage style, Class A discrete circuit design
  • Based on classic diode bridge design
  • Transformer balanced input and output
  • Can be upgraded to Carnhill transformer
  • All controls are stepped, except the Makeup Gain
  • 3 Sidechain filter frequencies
  • 3 Sidechain options: internal, insert, and external
  • Electronically balanced sidechain
  • Seperate switches for hardware bypass
  • 2 Insert connectors
  • Meter selectable for output and gain reduction
  • Link option for two-unit stereo operation
  • 3 Position Air EQ: flat, +3dB, or +6dB at 30kHz
  • 2 Position output termination switches
  • Soft start circuit ramps up voltage slowly to avoid power-on surge
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
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