Golden Age ProjectComp-3A Optical Compressor


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Golden Age Project Comp-3A

The Golden Age Project Comp-3A is an optical compressor/limiter with a classic design that delivers great sounding compression, and entirely utilizes discrete components. It uses a luminescent panel and employs a T4-style photoelectric cell to control the gain. This produces a program-dependent attack and release time. The input and output stages use balanced transformers, and wrosk well with balanced or unbalanced signals. The HF control affects the side-chain circuit and goes from a flat response to emphasizing the mid and high frequency content. There's also a front panel bypass switch which makes it easy to A/B your compressed and dry signal. Use in mono or stereo operation with the link jack and switch, allowing two Comp-3As to easily be used together. The large VU meter can be set to indicate gain reduction or output levels with two different reference levels. The simple interface and big sound make the Comp-3A an easy to use and musical compressor/limiter.

Comp-3A Features

  • Vintage-style compressor/limiter
  • Two main controls gain and peak reduction
  • Mono or stereo operation with stereo link
  • High frequency control for side-chain circuit
  • Front panel bypass switch, great for A/Bing your compressed signal
  • VU meter with three modes
  • T4-style electro-optical attenuator
  • XLR and TRS input and output
  • Input and output transformers accept balanced or unbalanced signals
  • Inputs:XLR, TRS
  • Output XLR, TRS
  • Stereo link on TRS
  • 2U/half rack
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