Golden Age ProjectComp-2A Compressor / Leveler


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Golden Age Project Comp-2A

The Golden Age Project Comp-2A is a tube-based, optical compressor that delivers warm, classic compression with a simple interface. The tube signal path features grounded shields and provides the kind of warmth that you can only get from tubes, and the matched Silonex NSL5910 photoresistors and electro-luminescent panel provide T4B-type optical gain control with program dependent attack and release time and smooth gain reduction. Two different transformers are used on the input and output stages, each selected for their optimal performance in that application. Despite having a vintage-inspired, tube-based design, the linear regulated power supply ensures low noise operation. The high frequency control makes the side-chain circuit more sensitive to mid-range and high frequencies. Situated in the center, the large VU meter can be set to display gain reduction or output level at +4dB or +10dB, and you can quickly A/B your compression with the front panel bypass switch. The Comp-2A from Golden Age Project brings vintage compression and limiting into a modern package.

Comp-2A Features

  • Tube optical compressor/limiter
  • Tube signal path
  • Matched Silonex NSL5910 photoresistors and electro-luminescent panel for T4B-type optical gain control
  • Input and output transformers
  • Tubes fitted with grounded shields
  • Two primary controls gain and peak reduction
  • HF control emphasizes mid and high frequency content in the sidechain
  • Bypass switch for A/Bing compression
  • VU meter with three modes
  • Low noise linear power supply
  • XLR and TRS inputs and outputs
  • Stereo link
  • Inputs:XLR, TRS
  • Output XLR, TRS:Link TRS jack for stereo operation
  • 2U half rack size
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