GieskesOscillatoscope2b+1c Audio Visualizer


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Gieskes Oscillatoscope2b+1c

The Gieskes Oscillatoscope2b+1c is an audio visualizer and video glitch synthesizer designed to translate sound, control voltages, and internal oscillators into video signals produced via a dedicated VGA output. Offering dynamic control of the pitch of oscillators synced to a VGA sync generator, the Oscillatoscope2b+1c provides a plethora of ways to generate glitchy visuals that change in response to sound and incoming CV. It also features a dedicated audio output, allowing the video output signal to function like a crude distortion/lo-fi decimation effect or glitchy tone generator.

Oscillatoscope2b+1c Features

  • Video synthesizer and audio visualizer
  • Converts CV and audio into VGA video signals
  • Based on modulating internal oscillators that sync to a VGA sync generator
  • CV inputs for R, G, and B pitch starve
  • Audio in for R, G, and B pitch
  • CV inputs for horizontal and vertical sync
  • Dedicated controls for R, G, and B Pitch and Pitch Starve
  • Switches for horizontal/vertical range for R, G, and B channels
  • Audio output for gnarly distortion effects
  • VGA output: 640x480 60Hz
  • Power: 7.5VDC 1A, center positive
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