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GieskesOscillatoscope 1d Video Synthesizer


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Gieskes Oscillatoscope 1d

The Oscillatoscope1D from Gieskes is an audio/visual device that converts CV and audio signals into video and audio, perfect for creating live visuals. It features two oscillators which have frequency controls and can be synced to the horizontal and vertical frequencies. These are derived from the sync speeds for composite video and allow the oscillators to create static, non-scrolling bars on the video output. The oscillators can also be unsynced, oscillating freely and creating more complex and busier visuals. Experiment with sync settings to get the most out of the Oscillatoscope1D. A button selects between high and low frequency ranges per oscillator, plus there are momentary mid pitch buttons. Higher frequencies correspond to vertical bars while lower frequencies will result in horizontal bars. A power starve control will starve the power going to the oscillators and changes the overall output.

There are mono 3.5mm CV inputs for the pitches for the oscillators, plus a stereo 3.5mm input for the starve which works as a multiple feed through. The outputs include both mono 3.5mm audio jack for the two oscillators and RCA for composite video. The RCA output is black and white and creates very stark grayscale patterns. It works in PAL, NTSC, and a special NTSC mode designed by Gieskes for projectors. This lofi audio/visual synthesizer is a great way to jump into video synthesis without having to know much theory behind it. Plug in some CV, twiddle the knobs, see pretty patterns, repeat.

Oscillatoscope 1d Features

  • Audio/visual synthesizer
  • Two oscillators that sync to horizontal and vertical video rates
  • Starve control
  • CV for oscillators and starve
  • Audio output
  • RCA composite output
  • Works in PAL, NTSC, and special projector NTSC modes
  • 9V DC center positive power (not included)
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