GFISynesthesia Multieffect Pedal


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GFI Synesthesia

GFI Synesthesia is a dual multi-effect DSP effects pedal perfect for any playing style. Two effects can be run at the same time with the ability to route your audio as a cascade, mixture, or stereo split. The order of the effects can be changed with the press of a button. Effects include delay, chorus, octave shift, vibrato, flanger, reverb, and more.

The Synesthesia excels at internal modulation. The internal modulation features a robust selection of modulation routing and sources including LFOs and sample and hold. In addition to the internal modulation, the Synesthesia features AUX switch, expression pedal, or CV control for tap tempo, preset selection, and ramping. It ships with 22 factory presets, but up to 32 presets can be stored. Presets are organized in four pages. Each page has four banks, each containing two patches. The knobs each have two functions, with the secondary function accessed by pressing in the knob and turning. When you turn a knob, the display shows the last position was in. Full of tricks and surprises, the Synesthesia delivers on all fronts—bringing robust modulation and advanced DSP processing to your fingertips.

Synesthesia Features

  • Dual DSP engine
  • Clear display shows effects information
  • Effects can be routed as a cascade, mixture, or stereo split
  • Change effects order with the press of a button
  • Each knob has two functions
  • Internal modulation options including random and LFOs
  • AUX switch, expression pedal, and CV inputs
  • Up to 32 presets
  • TBD
  • TBD
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