GFIEnieqma Dual-Channel EQ + Booster Pedal


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GFI Enieqma

Extending well beyond the capabilities of any old EQ pedal, GFI's Enieqma boasts a flexible collection of parametric and studio-style EQs, plus filter blocks to create special effects like custom wahs, cab sims, and more. For maximum versatility, Enieqma can operate as a stereo or dual mono EQ, with optional independence between left and right channel settings. The EQ can operate in three different modes: 5-band parametric, Simple EQ with seven different types available, and an authentic emulation of a Pultec EQ. As a bonus, two combination modes are available letting you pair the parametric EQ with the Simple EQ or Pultec EQ. In any mode, Enieqma's vivid display offers a clear indication of EQ curves and their effect on your tones.

There's much more to Enieqma than just EQ. For mono inputs, an optional Stereo Expander lets you introduce delay or chorusing to widen the stereo image before hitting the EQs. After the EQs, an onboard limiter lets you keep signal dynamics under control, and an output boost for up to +15dB of clean gain to hit your amp or pedals harder. Possibly the be-all, end-all of EQ pedals, the Enieqma is ready to sculpt and shape your rig.

Enieqma Features

  • Stereo EQ pedal and booster
  • Optional independence between channels
  • 3 EQ engines: Parametric, Simple, Pultec
  • Combination mode to use Parametric along with one of the other modes
  • Prototype EQ library for crafting wahs, cab-sims, and more
  • Stereo expander to widen mono input sources
  • Post-EQ Limiter and Clean Boost sections
  • 64 presets
  • Fll MIDI control
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 cm, 4.7" x 4.7"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative (PSU not included)
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