GenkiWave Gestural Ring Controller


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Genki Wave

Genki Wave is a MIDI controller unlike any other. Shaped like a ring, Wave attaches to your finger and immediately opens up a swarm of possibilities for gestural control of sound. The controller recognizes six discrete gestures: Tilt, Pan, Roll, Vibrato, Tap, and Click. Translated into MIDI data, these can be used individually or combined in any number of ways to control parameters of your synthesizer or software. A special editor software was designed for Wave, which lets you tune and customize such functions of the controller as movement range, tap sensitivity, CC values, and much more to great detail.

Wave Features

  • MIDI ring controller for gestural control of sound
  • Bluetooth MIDI compatible with any Bluetooth-capable MIDI device
  • Six distinct gesture types all accessible simultaneously
  • Senses Tilt, Pan, Roll, Vibrato, Tap, and Click
  • Adjustable band for use on any hand
  • Asymmetrical design suitable for use on either hand
  • Customizable response via Softwave app
  • Compatible with Wavefront module for Eurorack systems
  • Softwave Compatibility: Mac OSX 10.11+, Windows 10+
  • Bluetooth MIDI
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