Gamechanger AudioMotor Synth MK II Electro-Mechanical Desktop Synthesizer


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Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MK II

The Motor Synth MKII from Gamechanger Audio is a desktop synth that generates its tones from small motors to create wild, raw, beefy sounds. A few years ago they launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring this idea to life and resoundingly succeeded—and now Motor Synth MK II improves on these initial designs.

This instrument uses 8 DC motors and electro-magnetic induction to turn the interference the motors produce into music. Split into 2 voices, each with 4 Electromotor oscillators, the Motor Synth can operate in mono, unison, or four-note polyphonic mode. Both voices can be independently sculpted with a set of Volume, Scale, Waveshape, and envelope controls. They also feature their own, independent, analog multimode filter capable of LP, BP, HP, and All-pass. An additional third digital voice (DCO) helps to expand the sonic capabilities and also features its own discrete controls for portamento, amp envelope, and multimode filter.

Get deep in it with a powerful modulation section that features 3 LFOs with +/- depth adjustment and two slots each for assignable modulation. Just about all parameters can be assigned and the LFOs have five different waveshapes to choose from. Detune and Drift knobs can get you to strange tuning territory and an amplitude cross-modulation knob helps to create complex sounds.

Program your perfect performance with the on-board arpeggiator and monophonic sequencer. Record your gestures with multiple independent motion record lanes. Play the instrument with the non-velocity sensitive pads that can be assigned to different notes and load unique scales—or of course, you can use MIDI or CV as well. When using MIDI, polyphonic aftertouch is available for expressive playing opportunities.

This is a robust box of noise, fun, and musicality that is perfect for any studio looking to get the most unique sounds. Throw the Motor Synth from Gamechanger Audio in your sonic garage, knowing you won't spin out. Unless you want to.

Motor Synth MK II Features

  • 8 Electromotor oscillator hybrid synth spread over two voices
  • 4 Waveshapes available: sine, saw, square, and M (for motor)
  • Mono, Unison, 4-note modes available
  • Each voice has independent controls for volume, scale, waveshape, amp envelope, Acceleration, and Brake (unique portamento and pitch mod behaviors)
  • Third digital oscillator adds more waveshapes and has separate controls
  • Each of the 3 voices have their own filter section
  • 2x Analog multimode filters for motor voices
  • 1x Digital filter for the digital oscillator
  • Stereo Output
  • Input
  • CV/Trigger Inputs for each of the 3 voices
  • MIDI control
  • Headphone output
  • Amplitude cross-modulation
  • Detune and Drift for woozy pitch effects
  • 3 Assignable LFOs with 5 waveforms
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sequencer
  • Gesture recording
  • 8 Performance pads
  • Polyphonic aftertouch available via MIDI
  • Inputs: 1x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 1x 1/4" TRS Stereo
  • Headphoness: 1x 1/8" out
  • CV: 3x CV pitch, 3x Trigger
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Product Demo Videos
MOTOR SYNTH MK II Sound Examples | Gamechanger Audio
MOTOR Synth is based on a unique motor oscillator engine - it is a system of eight electro-motors that are able to instantly and precisely change their rotation speed in order to produce musical notes.

Because of the distinct way the motors create wave shapes, MOTOR Synth's sound is certainly in a category of its own. However, the comprehensive sound-shaping features developed by our engineers let you recreate classic synth sounds and even real instruments.
Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MK II Electro-Mechanical Desktop Synthesizer Reviews