FurmanPL-PLUS C 15A Power Conditioner


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Furman PL-PLUS C

The PL-PLUS C is a 15A power conditioner that features lights and voltmeter, giving clear indication of power status. Furman's Linear Filtering Technology linearly filters out AC noise and provides ground isolation to keep your gear running on clean, noise-free power.

If you're just plugged into a wall or simple surge protector, you run the risk of frying your gear due to surges and overvoltages. Furman's Series Multi-Stage Protection and Extreme Voltage Shutdown protects your gear from spikes, surges, and excessive voltage that may be harmful. Install the PL-PLUS C in the top of your audio rack and the pull-out lights help illuminate all your gear, particularly useful for dark clubs or late nights in the studio.

PL-PLUS C Features

  • Power conditioner
  • 15A of power on nine outlets
  • LED voltmeter for monitoring voltage levels
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection helps absorb and dissipate power surges and spikes
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown cuts power if it detects dangerous voltage levels
  • Pull-out lights plus rear panel BNC connector for additional illumination
  • Outlets: 9 (eight rear, one front)
  • Max current: 15A
  • Dimensions: 1.75 x 19 x 10.5"
  • Weight: 12lbs
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