FurmanCN-2400S SmartSequencing Power Conditioner


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Furman CN-2400S

The Furman CN-2400S is a 20A sequencing power conditioner with nine outlets that was designed with high end A/V use in mind. The Series Multi-Stage Protection dissipates and protects against voltage spikes while the Extreme Voltage Shutdown circuitry cuts power when the input voltage gets to dangerous levels. The bidirectional SmartSequencing technology ensures your gear is powered up and down in the correct order. This protects monitors and other gear that need to be powered up in a specific order.

The Linear Filtration Technology helps reduce AC noise in a linear fashion throughout a wide bandwidth, ensuring clean power to all outlets. The CN-2400S also features RS-232 compatibility for remote control and command. Purchased separately, an RS-232 to ethernet adaptor allows it to be controlled via tablet, smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device. Additionally, the BlueBOLT compatibility offers another source of remote power and energy management access.

CN-2400S Features

  • Sequencing power conditioner
  • Provides 20A of power for nine outlets
  • Series Multi-stage Protection protects against voltage spikes
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown cuts off power when it reaches dangerous levels
  • Linear Filtration Technology for clean power to all outlets
  • RS-232 compatibility for remote access
  • Connect to an RS-232 to ethernet adapter for internet remote control from smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • SmartSequencing provides a delay in powering up and down outlets, protecting speakers or other devices
  • Outlets: 9 (eight rear, one front)
  • Dimensions: 21.7 x 15 x 4.3"
  • Weight: 13.3 lbs
Furman CN-2400S SmartSequencing Power Conditioner Reviews