Frequency CentralVogue VCF / VCA


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Frequency Central Vogue VCF/VCA

The Vogue, from Frequency Central, is a nearly identical recreation of the Moog Rogue VCF, albeit condensed to a mere 10HP.

The module features two inputs—VCA and VCF—meaning it can operate as either. Additionally, the VCA section can be bypassed entirely for use as a standalone VCF. The VCA and VCF share the #1 input in the VCF section, meaning users can patch an ADSR and attenuate it for the VCF while the VCA does its thing.

Vogue VCF/VCA Features

  • 2 Audio Inputs w/ Attenuators
  • Cutoff Control
  • Emphasis Control
  • VCF Out
  • VCA Out
  • CV Ins w/ Attenuators
  • Eurorack Module
  • 10hp Width
  • 65mm Depth
  • +12v: 10mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 10mA Current Draw
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