Frequency CentralTrans Europa CV Processor


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Frequency Central Trans Europa

The Frequency Central Trans Europa is a multifarious CV processing module. One the one hand, it can be implemented as a CV source, enabling instantaneous octave and semitone transposition via Octave and Transpose knobs. One the other, it can be utilized as a complex CV source, where it excels at octave and semitone transposition for the generation of pseudo sequences and arpeggios.

Despite both of Trans Europa’s Cv inputs being bipolar +/- 5v, it can accept unipolar 0v - 5v sources with ease. When operating in Mode 1, the 0v - 5v CV input can handle transpositions extending over 13 semitones. Conversely, -5v to +5v can handle over 25 semitones.

The module features eight modes: Semitones, Minor 7th, Major 7th, First Fourth Fifth, Diminished, Sustained A, Sustained B, and Rick’s Chord. Applying CV to the Transpose CV input in any of these modes results in arpeggios and tuned pseudo-random sequences. From there, applying modulation to the Octave CV in results in further sonic enhancements.

Trans Europa Features

  • Octave switching over 9 octaves
  • Voltage controlled octave switching, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
  • Semitone transposition over 1 octave
  • Voltage controlled semitone transposition, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
  • 8 Modes (see below)
  • Glide feature, which can be applied either manually or by external gate
  • CV thru, you can patch a 1V/oct voltage source in Trans Europa’s Input, it will be replicated at the Output, with the benefit that all Trans Europa’s features can be applied
  • Eurorack Module
  • 10HP Width
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