Frequency CentralMeth Amp Fuzz / Amp


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Frequency Central Meth Amp

Synth junkies unite! Frequency Central sourced their inspiration for the Meth Amp from the EH Big Muff pedal. Consequently, the module is capable of everything from gnarly fuzz to subtle saturation to all out feedback insanity! Internally, the traditional clipping diodes have been replaced with LEDs and OTAs have been implemented into the fuzz core. The latter additions each influence different aspects of the audio processing: gain, regen, tone, and volume. Even better, each of these features is under full voltage control.

Meth Amp Features

  • Modeled after EH Big Muff guitar pedal.
  • Function varies from classic VCA to extreme fuzz and distortion.
  • Control knobs and CV inputs for Gain, Regen, Tone, and Volume.
  • Contains separate X100 preamp for signal boosts. 
  • +12V/-12V each @ 20mA
  • 12 HP
  • 35mm Depth
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