FredensteinBento 8 500 Series Chassis


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Fredenstein Bento 8

The Fredenstein Bento 8 is an eight-channel case made for 500 series modules, perfect for the most power hungry modules. The integrated power supply is a linear power supply with a mains transformer and linear regulators. While sometimes linear power supplies are prone to hum, the Bento 8 Pro includes extensive shielding of the mains transformer to eliminate any hum. With 2A of power at +/-16V and 250mA of power at +48V for phantom power, the Bento 8 provides 500mA per slot. Integrated audio routing and compressor bus linking are available on the back panel at the flick of a switch. The Bento 8 is a perfect accompaniment to any 500 series setup, providing clean power and solid steel chassis.

Bento 8 Features

  • 500 series case
  • Eight channels
  • Audio routing allows for daisy chaining of modules
  • Compressor bus linking on a switch
  • Robust steel chassis
  • Ultra-clean linear power supply
  • Input power 117.5V or 235V (country specific)
  • 2A @ +16V, 2A @ -16V, 250mA @ +48V
  • 483 x 140 x 190mm/19 x 5.5 x 7.4"
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