Frap ToolsPlus Row Extension Pack - 2 x 42HP


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Frap Tools Plus Row Extension Pack

This two piece variant of the Frap Tools Plus Row Extension Pack is an easy way to quickly expand your Plus case. Should you want to expand vertically rather than horizontally, the versions of the Plus cases in this pack feature handy windows to feed power cables to their neighbors above or below. Everything you need to get your cases connected together is included in this pack, but check out the various Plus Sides to keep the delicate insides of your system closed off from the outside world.

Plus Row Extension Pack Features

  • 2 pack of Plus cases
  • 42hp each, 84hp in total
  • Add or remove cases as needed for the perfectly sized system
  • This item is compatible with M3 threaded screws.
  • Eurorack modular case
  • Max Depth: 43mm
  • Width: 42hp
Frap Tools Plus Row Extension Pack - 2 x 42HP Reviews