Frap ToolsCunsa Quad Multi-Mode Filter


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Frap Tools Cunsa

The Frap Tools Cunsa is a quad analog multi-mode filter for Eurorack modular synthesizers—great for everything from typical filtering to saturation, mixing, pinging, self-oscillation, and much more. Described by Frap Tools as their "sound seasoning tool," Cunsa is designed for everything from gentle final touches to drastic sonic alterations. Based around four resonant filters with multiple signal routing/feedback options, it can be a processor, sound source, coloration tool, and more.

Cunsa's core, of course, are the four multi-mode filters—each of which may be used independently, linked, or mixed together. Each filter has dedicated lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filter outputs. Each of these has 12dB/octave slope, though the lowpass output may be switched to 24dB/octave response. Each filter offers direct CV inputs and attenuators for cutoff frequency, Q, and character. The Character circuit defines the soft clipping behavior when the filter overloads—great for everything from subtle coloration to screaming distortion.

Each filter can also act as a sound source. The Ping circuit allows you create an ideal percussive impulse for the filters, turning them into organic, percussive sound generators. Of course, you can also cause the filters to self-oscillate, acting as continuous sound sources. Combine these features with the 1V/octave pitch CV inputs (all semi-normalled to one another), and you can create all manner of multi-voice stacked sounds.

Cunsa's four filters can work completely independently, or they may be arranged into groups through semi-normalled inputs and sum outputs. Use it as multiple stereo filters, as a quadraphonic filter, or in more novel combinations: your signal routing is entirely up to you. The cascaded audio inputs, VCA CV controls, 1V/octave inputs, and Ping inputs make it possible to use in a variety of signal routing scenarios; combine this with the integrated analog mix bus, and you'll find that many new and novel processing and sound generation techniques become instantaneously available.

With an uncommonly well-considered design, the Frap Tools Cunsa is quite possibly one of the most advanced analog filters in Eurorack format altogether. You'll find that it's perfect for multi-voice pinged sound generation, complex spatialization techniques, analog summing, straightforward filtering, everything in-between, and many things beyond: it transcends the obvious functionality of its core components and becomes something entirely new.

Cunsa Features

  • Quad analog multi-mode filter
  • Great for straightforward filtering, audio coloration, spatialization, sound generation, and much more
  • Each filter offers lowpass, highpass, and bandpass outputs with 12dB/octave slope
  • Lowpass outputs may be switched individually to 24dB/octave slope
  • Q and Character controls provide extremely detailed control over feedback characteristics and clipping behavior for everything from signing resonances to screaming distortion
  • Filters track 1V/octave, great for use as oscillators or pinged percussive signal sources
  • Cascaded inputs for audio in, VCA CV in, 1V/octave tracking, and Ping input
  • Dedicated per-filter CV inputs and attenuators for cutoff frequency, Q, and Character
  • Extensive linking controls for multi-channel filtering and more
  • Analog mixing stages for high-quality analog summing
  • High-quality audio processor—much more than the sum of its parts
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 42hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 330mA @ +12V, 330mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Introducing CUNSA
CUNSA is Frap Tools’ quadruple analog pingable multimode resonant filter, saturator, mixer, and oscillator.
Say hello to CUNSA
It's here! Frap Tools' CUNSA is a quadruple analog multimode filter, but it is also a saturator, a mixer, and an oscillator.
Frap Tools Cunsa Quad Multi-Mode Filter Reviews