FocalClear MG Pro Open-Back Headphones


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Focal Clear MG Pro

Focal's Clear MG Pro is a pair of beautifully-made, impeccable-sounding studio headphones from Focal designed specifically for those to whom highly-detailed uncolored audio is a matter of professional importance. To achieve this, Focal equipped these open-back headphones with 1-5/8" (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with M-shaped inverted domes, which required Focals engineers to create a new material: a magnesium cone. This invention significantly improves both dynamics, and tonal balance, as well as provides an exceptional level of detail across the entire frequency spectrum.

Not only does Clear MG Pro deliver in performance, but they are also remarkably comfortable headphones, allowing for hours of listening without paralyzing ear fatigue. Paired with elegant and stylish aesthetics Clear MG Pro certainly is a statement on what a pair of modern studio headphones should be. Designing expert-grade headphones is a demanding task, and with these headphones, Focal delivers on all fronts.

Clear MG Pro Features

  • Studio-grade open-back headphones
  • Specially designed magnesium cone for precise dynamic response
  • Phenomenal tonal balance and detailed representation across the whole frequency spectrum
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Included cables are 3ft straight and 16ft spiral
  • Includes rigid carying case
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