FocalAlpha 50 EVO Studio Monitor


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Focal Alpha 50 EVO

Focal introduces the evolution of their well-loved Alpha 50 with Alpha 50 EVO—excellent studio monitors endowed with new features, improved technology, and revamped design. The updated monitor features an aluminium inverted dome tweeter which ensures maximum dispersion of sound, a specially manufactured Slatefiber cone, and a newly implemented large laminar port to minimize distortion.

The monitor is equipped with a pair of class D amplifiers, allowing the monitor to perform at high volume while maintaining clarity and full control over dynamics. Another important upgrade is the expanded connectivity options on the Alpha 50 EVO. The new monitor sports three inputs—1/4" TRS, XLR, and RCA. The speaker additionally comes with inserts for wall and ceiling fastening, and a convenient disengageable stand-by mode that turns the monitor off automatically if the signal is not being sent into it for several minutes.

The beautiful aesthetics of the evolved speaker and it's sturdy construction are also worth a mention. Alpha 50 EVO cabinet is made of 5/8"-thick MDF, which is secured with internal braces to withstand the highest acoustic pressure levels. On the outside its former box-like shape is smoothed out with curved sides, effectively contributing to enhancement in acoustics. Alpha 50 EVO is an affordable modern monitor that fits in perfectly in a variety of audio applications—mixing, mastering or joyful hi-fi listening.

Alpha 50 EVO Features

  • Extremely wide dynamic range
  • Designed for wide sonic dispersion to maintain the same sound throughout the entire space
  • Maintains the same tonal balance across the whole volume range
  • Automatically-enabled disengageable stand-by mode
  • Uses custom-manufactured Slatefiber cone
  • Equipped with three inputs: XLR, TRS, and RCA
  • Inserts for wall or ceiling fastening
  • Protective grills are included with the monitor
  • Full specs TBD
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