FMR AudioRNC500 500 Series Really Nice Compressor


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FMR Audio RNC500

The FMR Audio RNC is now available in the 500 Series format! The Really Nice Compressor’s reputation speaks for itself: it has been on of the most popular budget stereo compressors for both hobbyists and professional musicians for 18 years. In addition to a high-fidelity audio path, the unit features two modes, one that makes the RNC especially useful for basses and snappy percussion sounds and another that provides characteristically transparent compression with minimal artifacts. The latter mode works best with instruments like vocals and acoustic guitars. 

The RNC utilizes a microprocessor in lieu of traditional sidechain components, supplanting things like capacitors, diodes, opamps, resistors, and transistors with software. Despite the implementation of digital technology, the RNC sidesteps many of the problems associated with digital-to-audio conversion (artifacting, latency, etc) though analog processing of the primary audio. 

Additionally, since audio is exempt from the front panel controls, the RNC avoids scratchy pots. Rather, the pots send DC voltage to the microprocessor, which in turn adjusts the corresponding parameters. This grants the RNC what is essentially the best of both worlds: all the benefits of both analog and digital components working in tandem, with none of the drawbacks.

RNC500 Features

  • Single-channel, 500-series version of the RNC
  • Balanced input & output
  • Linkable for stereo operation - The main rack must provide linking mechanism on the connector backplane. Consult your rack manual for details
  • Maximum input/output levels of +28dBu
  • Overcurrent protection circuits safeguard 500-series rack operation in case of power supply faults
  • 24-bit arithmetic for smoother compression
  • SuperNice & Normal modes


  • 500 Series Format Compressor
  • Accurate signal level metering via power-saving "dot" gain-reduction display
  • Sealed, C&K subminiature toggle switches
  • Blue-anodized, machined aluminum knobs
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