FinegearThe Dust Collector Analog Effects Processor


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Finegear The Dust Collector

Vintage-inspired effects and modern modular workflows join forces in the Dust Collector, a desktop effect processor with an emphasis on flexible routing and creative shaping of each of the effects. Although it features some modern tricks and conveniences, it draws its inspiration from the effects of the 1970s. There are two sections of tape-inspired saturation, a real spring reverb, a delay, and a phaser, alongside two control voltage LFOs, which may be freely patched to any of the patch points on the front panel. Of course, other CV capable instruments can be thrown in the mix too, allowing for highly dynamic and evolving processing chains.

Each section of effects in the Dust Collector offers their own dedicated audio inputs and outputs, so they may be used in any series or parallel configuration. The two tape saturators are identical in function—there are five different intensity settings, ranging from subtle to highly present and compressed, as well as an output level control and bypass switch. In its spring reverb section, Tone and Mix controls offer simple tonal shaping and dry/wet management. For more interesting results, the input and output levels can be controlled manually or with control voltage, and the plexiglass cover can be removed for a literal hands-on approach to manipulating your reverb.

The delay section makes use of the popular PT2339 IC, a digital but very characterful delay chip. Of course, the delay time may be set manually, but there's also a CV input for modulating the delay time. There's also manual controls for the mix and feedback, plus a Madness switch that maxes out the feedback when engaged, and on the back an Insert jack can be found to patch other effects into the feedback patch. Finally, the phaser is an optical design based on LDRs (light dependent resistors), with selectable modulation from either LFO or manual positioning. For environmental reactivity, remove the side panel to directly access the LDRs, and changes in ambient lighting or deliberately shining LEDs and other sources will modify the character of the phaser.

With the Dust Collector, Finegear is encouraging a flexible and creative approach to effects processing. By offering several classic effects with all the benefits of control voltage and reconfigurable signal paths, the Dust Collector is sure to be a continually inspiring tool for live performance and studio usage.

The Dust Collector Features

  • Hardware effects processor with control voltage and free routing capabilities
  • Two sub-audio rate LFOs with selectable sine, triangle, and square waveforms
  • Dual tape-inspired saturation section with five-levels of diode-based distortion
  • Real spring reverb with tone control and CV over input and output levels
  • Access the spring tank directly by removing the plexiglass cover
  • PT2399-based delay section offers up to 650ms of delay time
  • Feedback control with madness control for engaging maximum feedback
  • Delay insert allows for effect processing within the feedback path
  • Optical phaser based on LDRs
  • Side panel may be removed for directly controlling the LDR
  • 1/4" I/O for every section
  • Dimensions: Power: 1A @ 24V, center positive supply, 2.5mm connector
  • Power Specs: Dimensions: 341 x 313 x 70.5 mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
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