FinegearModmix 4-Channel Experimental Mixing Console


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Finegear Modmix

Finegear's Modmix is a high-quality four channel rotary mixer that's been designed to work as a no-input mixer thanks to the flexible routing options. Each channel has a combo XLR/1/4" jack that is complete with a 3-band EQ, four Aux volume controls, and insert jack. The Aux controls the amount of the signal that gets sent to one of the four send/returns and with stereo input jacks on the returns, you can actually use these as extra stereo channels, effectively turning this into an eight channel mixer. For each send channel, you have the option to route the signal back into the main channel turning the channel into a no-input mixer synth.

Additionally, the mixer features two types of modulation: a pair of LFOs and a pair of envelope followers. These have 3.5mm outputs that can be patched into various patch points on the mixer. Each channel has CV inputs for Aux volumes, panning, and channel volume. For the final mix, not only is there a Master, but also a Channel Mix which lets you turn up the channels independent of the returns. The Modmix from Finegear is one of the most incredibly flexible mixers for experimental artists, producers, live performers, or any musician, really.

Modmix Features

  • 4 Channel rotary mixer
  • 4 Send/return channels
  • Returns can be used as stereo input channels
  • Each Send/return can be fed back into its corresponding channel to be used as a no input mixer
  • 2x LFOs with CV outputs
  • 2x Envelope followers with independent inputs and CV outputs
  • Each channel has 4x Send volume CV input, Pan CV input, and Channel Volume CV input
  • Channel Mix control in final output section lets you add more of the main 4 channels into the mix
  • Headphone output and volume
  • 3-Band EQ on each channel
  • Weight: 8kg / 18lbs
  • Dimensions: 50 × 50 × 21 cm/ 20 x 20 x 8 in
Finegear Modmix 4-Channel Experimental Mixing Console Reviews