FaselunareVEGA 4-Voice Digital Drum Module


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Faselunare VEGA

Producing a powerhouse for transient and percussive design, Faselunare's Vega is a compact, four-voice drum module packed with loads of parameters optimized for performance and stellar sound. Only spanning 6HP, Vega offers completely independent voices with designated synth engines including kick, snare, and two hi-hats, but you can also load up samples via the front-facing microSD. Each voice is represented by an amber LED button, with the top and fifth button acting as a function button for paging voice parameters and even performing mutes of individual parts on the fly.

For sound design purposes, each voice has six pages that correspond to the two RGB knobs in the middle of the module, counting for a total of twelve flexible parameters. Easily take control of each voice's pitch, filter type/frequency/resonance, FM amount & tuning, as well as envelope shape & amount across the voice. All voices are sequenced independently via their own trigger input, but Vega also supplies a fifth trigger input for planting seeds of randomness across your drums—bringing static beats to life. Add Vega to your modular rig for the power of mixing and matching sample and synth drums that pack a punch while being highly workable.

VEGA Features

  • Four-voice drum and percussion module
  • Each digital voice is completely independent, either as a sample-player or a synthetic drum
  • Each voice has a specific synth-voice architecture (kick, snare, and two hats)
  • Multi-function LED buttons per voice with a fifth as a function button
  • Function button features performance muting and parameter swapping
  • Two multi-function RGB encoders handling level, pitch, filter, FM, and envelopes
  • Trigger input per voice plus an additional one for injecting randomness across voices
  • Five memory slots for preset recall
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Current draw: 10mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V, 280mA @ +5V
Faselunare VEGA 4-Voice Digital Drum Module Reviews