FancyyyyyRung Divisions V2 Clock Divider + Shift Register


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Fancyyyyy Rung Divisions V2

Drawing inspiration from Rob Hordijk's Benjolin and its infamous Rungler circuit, Rung Divisions is a Eurorack probabilistic shift register, clock divider, noise source, and so much more in a highly patchable package. The first primary function of Rung Divisions is to divide clock inputs, offering integer divisions of clocks from /2 up to /8, each with their own output to be patched elsewhere in your system. It's worth noting that Rung Divisions utilizes discrete logic chips in its design, so signals up to an ultrasonic 40kHz may be used, enabling the creation of fun patches like subharmonic generation.

Along the left side of each clock output is a three-position toggle switch allowing you to route that output to one of two Gate Busses. These busses feature analog OR logic blocks to combine gate pulses, creating a variety of polymetric trigger patterns depending on the selections. Both busses feature their own outputs, and Bus 1 is internally used to clock the Rung Divsions Shift Register.

In typical Rungler fashion, Rung Divisions features a shift register passing binary data states from one stage to the next. This version of Rung Divisions features what's known as a Universal Shift Register, with the key distinction from a standard shift register being that data can be shifted in two directions. The Rung Divisions shift register features a maximum length of 16 steps, with the ability to control its length with control voltages, as well as the probability that new data will be entered into the register.

What does Rung Divisions do with the shift register? At the top you'll find 3-bit and 8-bit DAC outputs that encode their respective number of outputs into stepped voltages—specifically stages 1-3 for the former and 1-8 for the latter, reverse-encoded for variety. As a bonus, there's a buffered 1-bit output for stage one and an analog noise source to allow you to get even more creative with your patching. For the Benjolin aficionado looking to inject some chaotic Rungling into their Eurorack system, look no further than Rung Divisions.

Rung Divisions V2 Features

  • Complex clock divider and shift register
  • Inspired by Rob Hordijk designs, specifically the Benjolin and Rungler
  • Discrete design supports signals from 0Hz - 40kHz
  • 8-stage integer clock divider
  • 2 Gate Busses to route clock pulses through OR logic blocks
  • Gate Bus1 clocks shift register
  • Universal shift register with bidrectional operation
  • Variable register length from 1-16 steps
  • Register data input affected by probability, XOR-ed against internal stage feedback
  • 1-Bit buffered output of first stage
  • 3-bit and 8-bit DACs for stepped voltages
  • Analog noise source
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 58mA @ +12V, 42mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Exploring clocks, loops and chaos with Rung Divisions from Fancyyyyy Synthesis
This video is about Rung Divisions, by Fancyyyyy Synthesis. It’s one of the most inspiring modules I’ve used recently, but it’s also quite a hard one to sum up in one sentence.

It has two main components. The first is a clock divider which outputs pulses that you can combine in two buses to create polyrhythmic patterns. That drives a universal shift register which outputs pseudo-random, chaotic or looping stepped voltage patterns. It’s an evolution of Rob Hordijk’s Rungler circuit, which is at the heart of the Benjolin synth. And there are dozens of interesting musical applications for it - a few of which I explore here.

00:00 Intro and patch previews
02:46 Rung Divisions overview
05:54 Drum trigger sequencing
09:54 Melodies from pulse divisions
14:14 Shift register sequencing
20:15 2-channel pitch sequencing
24:00 Patching a voltage-controlled clock divider
27:42 Shift register as a VCO
30:22 Rungling for chaotic sequencing
Fancyyyyy Rung Divisions V2 Clock Divider + Shift Register Reviews