Fairfield CircuitryRandy's Revenge Ring Modulator Pedal


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Fairfield Randy's Revenge Ring Modulator Pedal

Fairfield Circuitry presents Randy’s Ring Modulator. Like most traditional ring modulators, the pedal multiplies two input signals and outputs the difference of all the frequencies, affording users the ability to sculpt a variety of esoteric and intriguing sounds.

Internally, Randy’s Revenge features a 100% analog sine wave oscillator with a corresponding toggle switch and frequency control, both of which can be used in tandem to create bell tones, tremolo effects, classic synthesizer sounds, tuned intervals, and much more. What’s more, each resulting tone passes through the pedal’s integrated low-pass filter and wet/dry mix, affording an array of additional layering and tonal possibilities.

Remote control can be achieved via Randy’s CV jack, which allows users to connect any compatible CV device (such as an expression pedal) for external control over each oscillator’s and the low-pass filter’s frequencies. Even more insanity can be achieved via six programmable microswitches on the reverse side of the unit, enabling a variety of unique interactions between otherwise common parameters.

Those who thought Randy’s bag of tricks stopped at mere ring modulation should think again. Its internal oscillator has a dedicated output, meaning it can be used as a standalone VCO!

Randy's Revenge Features

  • CV Jack (Control Voltage) for Expression Pedal
  • 6 Programmable, Internal Micro-Switches
  • Volume, Mix, Low Pass Filter (LPF), Frequency Controls
  • Square/Sine Waveshape, Hi/Lo Frequency Toggles
  • True Bypass
  • Standard 9v DC Operation
  • 85mA Current Draw
  • 4.7” (11.938cm) x 3.8” (9.652cm)
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Fairfield Circuitry Randy's Revenge
This powerful and versatile ring modulator transforms anything you play into a whole new world of musical possibilities. By multiplying two signals, and outputting the sum and difference of all frequencies involved, you create exotic sounds previously unimagined.

You control the all-analog, pure sine wave oscillator with the Hi/Lo toggle and the Frequency control to create lush tremolo/vibe effects, rich bell tones, tuned intervals and vintage synthesizer sounds, then adjust the low pass filter and the wet/dry mix to fine tune it all as intense or as subliminal as you like.
Fairfield Circuitry Randy's Revenge Ring Modulator Pedal Reviews