FaderfoxPC4 USB MIDI Pot Controller


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Faderfox PC4

The Faderfox PC4 provides 24 assignable potentiometers for use with any MIDI device or software—and with 16 savable setups allowing you to control up to 384 parameters from a single device, that’s A LOT of potentiometers. Faderfox simply describes the PC4 as “a lot of pots in a small box," but we think that might be selling this little powerhouse short.

The PC4 comes equipped with an editor as well to fine-tune your setups and save additional preset data via SysEx if required. All the potentiometers onboard are programmed with a switchable snap function, which is a rare but incredibly useful consideration that avoids jumps or snaps when controlling CC values, similar to Ableton Live’s “pickup” function for macro controls. Other included MIDI considerations include a “quick pot assign” for easily assigning your parameters without hassle.

PC4 Features

  • Universal MIDI controller for hardware or software devices
  • 24 MIDI standard resolution potentiometers
  • USB MIDI class compliant device
  • Quick Pot Assign function learns incoming MIDI commands for easy setup
  • MIDI in & out + USB ports with merge functionality
  • Software editor included for backing up & editing setups
  • iPad compatible (with camera connection kit)
  • Memory backup/restore via MIDI SysEx
  • USB bus powered
  • Dimensions: 7.08” x 2.76” x 4.13”
  • Weight: 0.78 lb
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