Extralife InstrumentsSuper Sixteen Sequencer

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Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen

Super Sixteen from Extralife Instruments is a powerful Eurorack sequencer with extensive parameter editing for complex and intricate CV sequences. Create sequences up to 64 steps in length for long evolving patterns and save them in the 99 preset slots. Song mode chains multiple sequences together with an adjustable number of repeats for each sequence. Super Sixteen produces gates, clocks, pitch CV, and a secondary unquantized linear CV output. Sixteen dedicated step buttons make turning steps on and off easy. Use the pitch and octave encoders to adjust the notes in the sequence quickly. Each step features a dedicated gate length control with up to 400% gate length.

Use the motion control button to access motion recording, letting you record parameter changes in real-time. Add glide or portamento to any of the steps for a slewing effect. Select between 10 preset scales to lock your sequences to a preset set of notes. The mutation button unlocks hidden dynamic parameters to spice up static sequences. This includes everything from stuttering note repeats to randomizing notes to adding glide to every step in a sequence. Adding swing offsets notes from a steady pattern, adding a bit of groove to your melodies. Super Sixteen packs a whole host of features behind a single panel that facilitates creative melodic, rhythmic, and modulation pattern generation.

Super Sixteen Features

  • 64-step sequencer
  • Save and recall 99 patterns
  • Chain multiple sequences in song mode
  • 10 scales
  • Pitch, clock, gate, and linear CV outputs
  • Individual step buttons make it easy to select a step for editing or turn off a selected step
  • Mutate button adds dynamic variation to sequences
  • Dedicated encoders for semi-tone, octave, gate length, and linear CV level
  • Motion record parameters on the fly
  • Clock and reset inputs
  • Add swing to sequences
  • Per-step portamento
  • Easy calibration procedure
  • Eight octave pitch and CV range
  • 5V gate and clock outputs
  • Accepts clock and reset inputs up to 10V
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V
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