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Ex MachinaQuasar MKII Studio Monitor (Pair)


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Ex Machina Quasar MKII

Made for professionals to cut out all the guesswork of their room and provide a loud and reliable sound, the Ex Machina Quasar MkII is a pair of tri-amplified reference monitors that make your mixes sound effortless. Rethinking the traditional choices of materials for speakers, Ex Machina teamed up with SEAS to custom design both their subwoofers alongside their coaxial mid and high frequency driver. Using a sturdy and reliable aluminum base for the woofers, the Quasar MkII features a custom-designed Metamodal TX midrange driver and tweeter in collaboration with Composite Design, focusing on a 97% carbon fiber build material rather than relying on the typical epoxy base. The design creates a fantastic and ultra-wide sweet spot for various spaces as well as excellent cancellation of resonant frequencies in the box as well as reflection cancellation/interference in the room.

Where the analog limitations start to kick in, the Quasar MkII doesn't settle as its built-in DSP with a high end SHARC-chip per speaker pushes amazing feats for even cleaner monitoring. Handling the crossovers between drivers as well as things like over-excursion, Quasar MkII's DSP is also implementing high amounts of amplitude and phase linearity for hyper-precise magnitude and timing throughout your monitoring experience. The calibration mode not only makes it so your speakers best fit your room, but it also actively corrects any mishaps your speaker might produce via interaction while in your room at the cost of only a 46ms delay—machine learning at its finest! Balancing clarity in any part of the room with dynamics that can shatter your building, the Quasar MkII is a beast of a studio monitor pairing to behold fit for a variety of room sizes and audio applications.

Quasar MKII Features

  • Tri-amplified mid-field monitors
  • Drivers made in partnership with SEAS
  • Dual 9" aluminum subwoofers
  • Coaxial 7" mid woofer and 1" tweeter special made in collaboration with Composite Sound, featuring the Metamodal TX carbon fiber build
  • 5th gen SHARC DSP chips per speaker for higher computing headroom alongside proprietary calibration tech
  • Sounds great in any but the largest of rooms, sporting an ultra-wide sweet spot
  • Super low distortion, linear phase response, and brilliant transient response
  • Linear Frequency response: +/-1dB 29Hz to 32kHz
  • Low frequency cutoff: -6dB @ 24Hz
  • Linear Phase Response: +/-15º 20Hz to 30kHz
  • Max SPL @ 1m: 114dB, 109dB @ 50Hz
  • LF component: 2x 9" custom aluminum SEAS extreme series subwoofers
  • Mid and HF component: 1x 7" midrange, 1" tweeter custom SEAS/Ex Machina/Composite Sound Metamodal TX mid/high coaxial
  • Crossover: 200Hz subs/mid (digital 8th order, phase corrected), 2kHz mid/tweeter (digital 8th order, phase corrected)
  • Amplifier power RMS: 700W (LF - 500W, Mid - 125W, HF - 75W)
  • Analog input: 1x XLR balanced
  • USB input: type-B (firmware only)
  • Power rating: 110-230 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 29.2" x 11.3" x 13.6" (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 77lbs
Ex Machina Quasar MKII Studio Monitor (Pair) Reviews