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We host a variety of manufacturer demos, community meetups, in-depth clinics, & more at our new event space next to our Burbank showroom at 2409 W Empire Ave, Burbank CA 91504. Stop by for our next event!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 31, 6 - 7 PM

Rich Timbres with Simple Eurorack Modules Tutorial Livestream

@ YouTube Livestream

We will be livestreaming some techniques for creating complex harmonic sounds with simple analog eurorack modules. Tune in if you are a beginner to learn some synthesis basics or if you are an intermediate synthesist and want to learn a few new tricks.

We will be covering techniques from both the “east coast” and “west coast” schools of synthesis and mixing them all up together. Learn about and hear how waveforms, filters and sync affect your sound as well how to control the complex harmonics from amplitude, ring, frequency and cross modulation to create dynamic synth voices.


Past Events

Thursday, March 26, 6 - 7 PM

Livestream Chat with Mitch Lantz from Empress Effects hosted by Trovarsi and BBoyTech

@ YouTube Livestream

We will be discussing everything music tech, Empress Effects and music with Mitch Lantz. He will also be doing a short performance with the new Euroburo so we can hear it in action.

If you have questions for Mitch join the conversation in the YouTube livestream chat. Trovarsi and BBoyTech will be hosting the conversation.

Wednesday, March 4, 7 - 9 PM

Exploring The EQD Afterneath Eurorack Module with David Scott Stone

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

In an anticipation of the upcoming release of the Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Eurorack modulatable reverb, we welcome David Scott Stone at our event space for some in-depth exploration of the module.

Food and drinks are on the house. Everyone coming to the event will get a chance to win a brand new Afterneath Eurorack module.

Saturday, February 29, 12:30 - 3:30 PM

Meet and MaX: Max/MSP Community Meetup

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Meet and maX is a platform where anyone working or interested in working with Max can participate by sharing ideas, learning, and collaborating. Whether you are interested in sound and visual synthesis, computer music performance and composition, integrating hardware with software, interactivity, multimedia art, software and/or instruments design, and simply making connections—this meetup group is for you.

This month Meet and maX features a special presentation from Smomid, who will talk about his unique approach to building custom instruments.

Thursday, February 27, 7 - 10 PM

Wajatta: 'Don't Let Get You Down' Listening Party

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Wajatta (John Tejada and Reggie Watts) are about to drop their second album "Don't Let Get You Down" on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint.

To celebrate the release of ‘Don’t Let Get You Down’, Brainfeeder & Perfect Circuit Records are hosting a listening party the day before its official release - be among the first to hear this record, and do so at a proper volume through our powerful sound system! John Tejada will also talk about Wajatta’s studio sessions and how they create their songs.

Come with friends to chill at our space, chew on some delicious food, and indulge in collective music listening.

Wednesday, February 26, 7 - 9 PM

An Evening With Elektron

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Elektron brings Ess Matisson, the designer behind the revered Digitone synthesizer, and Los Angeles division product specialist, Mario Hernandez to talk about brand's vision for electronic music instruments, and to raffle off no less than three Elektron machines (you've heard that right).

Besides all the fun gear talk, expect performances from the presenters, as well as delicious pizza, and drinks on the house.

Sunday, February 23, 12 - 6 PM

Perfect Circuit Records at In Sheep’s Clothing Record Fair

@ In Sheep’s Clothing

In Sheep’s Clothing hi-fi presents a record fair and outdoor listening party featuring record dealers, labels, and private sellers along with curated wine & beer selections. Head to downtown LA and join us for a dig!

Wednesday, February 19, 7 - 9 PM

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 + Summit Demo with Enrique Martinez

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Enrique Martinez is coming to our event space for a special demonstration of Novation's exciting new Launchpad Pro MK3 and the Summit polyphonic synthesizer. Come to find out more about these products, try them out yourself, and get a chance to win a brand new Launchpad Pro MK3 controller.

Wednesday, February 12, 7 - 9 PM

MIGSI: Connecting Acoustic Instruments, Modular Synths & Max

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Sarah Belle Reid and Ryan Gaston present MIGSI: an electronically augmented trumpet designed for performing experimental electronic music. Reid and Gaston will discuss the process of developing MIGSI, as well as strategies for integrating traditional instruments with computers and modular synths—including a demonstration of their own Max/MSP and Buchla-based performance setup. Reid will present a performance using MIGSI, Max/MSP, and a Buchla modular synthesizer.

Saturday, February 1, 11 AM - 5 PM

ZOOM + Perfect Circuit Present: Field Recording Workshop w/ Ian Wellman

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Join this one-of-a-kind workshop collaboration between Perfect Circuit, Zoom, and Ian Wellman dedicated to exploring the art of field-recording, listening, and utilizing environmental sounds in compositional work.

You will learn the essentials of using field-recording equipment, get insight into choosing the best microphone to use for different sound sources, as well as various techniques for best extraction of sounds from the environment, including ambisonics.

Saturday, January 25, 12 - 3 PM

Meet and MaX: Max/MSP Community Meetup

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Meet and maX is a platform where anyone working or interested in working with Max can participate by sharing ideas, learning, and collaborating. Whether you are interested in sound and visual synthesis, computer music performance and composition, integrating hardware with software, interactivity, multimedia art, software and/or instruments design, and simply making connections—this meetup group is for you.

This year, a series of positive changes are planned to be implemented, and as a first step we welcome the innovative digital design studio Floatland as guest speakers at the upcoming group meeting, who will talk about their upcoming exhibition at the Carnegie Art Museum.

Wednesday, January 22, 7 - 9 PM

Advanced Sound Design + Hardware Integration w/ Bitwig

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Our friends at Bitwig travel all the way from Berlin to our event space with a special workshop on many ways their software can be integrated with hardware synthesizers for some mind-bending sound design techniques.

While learning new things should already be enough of a motivation to leave the house on a Wednesday evening, those who visit will also get to participate in our traditional raffle with a chance to win a full-blown Bitwig license or some other goodies from the brand.

Of course, food + drinks are on the house!

Tuesday, January 21, 7 - 9 PM

Sequential In-Store Demo

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

On day two of the Post-NAMM Synth Week the legendary Sequential are coming by our event space to talk about and demonstrate their latest Pro-3 synthesizer with a special performance by the company's own Gerry Bassermann.

More than that, all the visitors will be offered complimentary food and beverages, as well as have a chance to win a Character or Feedback modules from the brand.

Monday, January 20, 5 - 9 PM

Post-NAMM Synth Meet

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Missing NAMM? Worry not, as we are bringing you the Post-NAMM Synth Meet featuring several amazing out-of-state and international electronic music instrument manufacturers. Come to get your hands on some of the newest developments from Erica Synths, Soma Laboratory, Gamechanger Audio, Frap Tools, Frap Audio, Pittsburgh Modular, Ashun Sound Machines, Black Corporation, UDO, and Moog.

You will also get a rare opportunity to witness live sets from the all-manufacturer lineup of performers:

That Black / Vlad Kreimer (Soma Laboratory)

Girts Ozolins (Erica Synths)

Nathan Rocco Marino (Moog Music)

Gamechanger Audio

If that wasn't enough, throughout the event you'll be fueled by delicious food and drinks.

Wednesday, January 8, 7 - 9 PM

Patching A Verbos System w/ Verbos Electronics

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

We are kicking off the new decade with a workshop from the amazing Verbos Electronics who travel to us all the way from Berlin. Mark will talk about and demonstrate his personal approach to patching and performing with a Verbos modular synthesizer. A few systems will be provided for participants' hands-on experience.

Furthermore, all the visitors will get an exclusive preview of some of the newest developments in the company's arsenal of synthesizer modules.

Complimentary pizza and beverages provided.

Tuesday, January 7, 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Los Angeles Ableton User Group Meetup

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

The Los Angeles Ableton User Group is entering a new decade with a meetup dedicated to exploring Live’s potential for collaborative practices. The event will feature a “One Thing”, where each of the few Certified Trainers will share a helpful production tip. Furthermore, Javad Butah will lead “Pass The Aux” session, offering participants to share their music with fellow producers. Finally, the participants will be divided into small groups with the purpose of creating a track entirely from scratch.

You may ask “who is a member of the Los Angeles Ableton User Group?” If you come, you are. This event is free, inclusive and open to the public.

Wednesday, December 18th, 7-9PM

ASM Hydrasynth: Demo + Performances

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Ashun Sound Machines will visit our event space to demonstrate the power of their much-awaited Hydrasynth and they bring with them four fantastic artists to enrich the evening with original live sets. And if that wasn't enough, we will have complimentary food + beverages for everyone's enjoyment. Also there will be a few Hydrasynths around ready to be played by anyone yearning.

Wednesday, December 11th, 7-9PM

Jonathan Snipes Scoring For Film Workshop

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Are you curious about how modular synthesizers and Max/MSP can be used in composing music for films? Jonathan Snipes will talk about his background and career path, shed light on personal workflow, demonstrate self-built Max patches, and provide various tips and tricks for ways of interconnecting these three dense worlds together. Jonathan Snipes is a composer and sound designer for Film and Theater living in Los Angeles. He occasionally teaches sound design in the theater department at UCLA, and is a member of the rap group clipping.

Wednesday, November 20, 7-9PM

Techno Workshop With Trovarsi & Noise Engineering

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Trovarsi and Noise Engineering present a workshop on creating techno with Eurorack modular synthesizers, featuring a live set/demo and a walkthrough of basic concepts and techniques. Attendees will get hands-on time with pre-built Noise Engineering modular systems to get a feel for the techniques presented. Because of the hands-on nature of this workshop, space is limited—so be sure to RSVP!

Saturday, November 16, 1-3PM

Switched-On Bach Lecture & Performance With Roshanak Kheshti

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

UCSD Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies Dr. Roshanak Kheshti will present a short lecture and reading from her new book 33 1/3: Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach, combined with examples and a performance on her own Moog synthesizers.

Wednesday, October 30, 7-9PM

Halloween Distortion Party With Noise Engineering

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

To celebrate the release of the final module in the "distortion of the month" series Noise Engineering teamed up with us to throw together the ultimate Halloween party for all the modular synth fans in Los Angeles. Expect a demonstration of the newest module in the "Ruina" family, performances from Noise Engineering team and other artists (TBA), free drinks and pizza, and a table full of modular synth systems equipped with all the recent distortion modules from the manufacturer and more. Oh, and as usual with our events, there will be a raffle, so you may even comeback home with an honestly won module. NOTE: If you come wearing a costume, you double or maybe even triple your chances of winning the raffle.

Wednesday, October 23, 7-9PM

Contact Microphones With Crank Sturgeon

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Join us for an evening with Crank Sturgeon, purveyor of some of favorite noise makers & contact mics! You will be able to learn about different uses and sonic possibilities of vocal mics, and tranducers, and contact mics followed by a short performance showcasing these concepts. Crank Sturgeon will be raffling off two new items: a Depth Charge Gamelan 3cc and 6Pinch Multi-Gator. Snacks and drinks provided!

Wednesday, October 9, 6-10PM

Spectral Horizon By Ellie Pritts

@ Substrate Gallery

"Spectral Horizon" is a visual journey of surreal desert landscapes by acclaimed photographer Ellie Pritts. Guests will be immersed in a multi-sensory experience, touching on visuals, scent, sound and taste, featuring Ellie’s landscape collection, lush desert plants, scents from the desert, and an audio/visual performance. All proceeds from the event will be benefiting the Mojave Desert Land Trust and the Joshua Tree National Park Association.

Thursday, October 3, 7-9PM

Empress Zoia Workshop

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Join us for an evening with Empress Effects and their magnificent ZOIA modular effects pedal. You'll be able to learn how to create your own synth and effects patches on the pedal from scratch, as well as other valuable tips and tricks that will help you achieve the best results while programming ZOIA. We will be supplying food and drinks so that you don't have to learn on an empty stomach. Furthermore, the luckiest attendant will leave with their very own ZOIA pedal.

Thursday, September 26

Modular Manifestation

@ Supplyframe Design Lab

Join Supplyframe DesignLab x Modular on the Spot LA on Thursday, September 26th for a night of modular synth magic. There will be performances, workshops, and complimentary food and drinks.

Wednesday, September 11, 7-9PM

An Evening With Arturia: Presentation and Microfreak Giveaway

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Join us for an evening with Arturia at our newest event space located just next door from our main showroom. Entrance from the parking lot in the back of the building. We will provide complimentary food and drinks to keep you energized throughout the very informative presentation from Arturia. Oh, and did we mention? You also have a chance to win the awesome Microfreak synthesizer.

Thursday, August 22, 6-9PM

KORG Brew Music

@ Arts District Brewing Company

Come hang with us at Brew Music in Los Angeles at Arts District Brewing Company to enjoy some ice-cold draft brews & play around with some of KORG's flagship products. Tweak, patch, & play some of Korg's most popular gear, talk with our specialists and enjoy a pint on us!

Wednesday, July 31, 7-9PM

Modular Synth Hangout + Intro Workshop

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

We invite you to celebrate with us the completion of The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment in an evening dedicated to modular synthesizers. We envision the event as an informal hangout and workshop with a couple of performances from the artists who participated in the project. During the workshop session, we will cover a few important aspects of building a modular synthesizer: 1. Everything you need to know before starting you first modular synth 2. How to choose the right modules for your particular needs 3. Building the modular effects processor Come with questions and bring your friends!

Wednesday, July 24, 7-9PM

1010 Music Blackbox In-Store Demo + Q&A

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Join us for an evening with 1010 Music. The company will be demonstrating their recent groove machine Blackbox, answering whatever questions you might have about the unit, and raffling off $200 gift certificate for samples and loops. If you are not familiar, Blackbox is a portable sampling station equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, piano roll-style sequencer, DSP effects, and more. Oh, and did we mention free food and drinks?!

Wednesday, July 17, 6-8PM

Sensel Morph Hangout

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Come hang out with Peter Nyober from Sensel at Perfect Circuit and learn everything you need to know about the Morph. Sensel Morph is equally suited as a control surface for DAWs, software and hardware synthesizers, and Eurorack. During the event, you will learn how to integrate the Morph into a variety of setups.

Wednesday, May 29, 7-9PM

Noise Engineering In-Store: Product Demo + Q&A

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Join us on May 29th for a special evening with Noise Engineering. The manufacturer will be demoing some of their most recent and upcoming products and answering your questions. To make things even more exciting, expect free beer and empanadas.

Wednesday, April 24, 6-8PM

Percussa SSP In-Store Demo + Q&A

@ Perfect Circuit Event Space

Come by our showroom on Wednesday 4/24 from 6-8PM to see a demonstration of the powerful Percussa SSP module and ask questions in the Q&A afterwards.