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Eventide UltraTap Delay Pedal

Ultratap from Eventide is a multitap delay pedal capable of a vast array of time-based behaviors, such as glitchy reverbs, staccato rhythmic delay lines, thick swells, and sweeping modulation effects. It acts much like an Echoplex-style tape delay, but with the ability to add up to 64 taps to the delay buffer. Use the tap tempo to set the delay speed and then use the length to set the total time, up to four seconds. Slurm smears the taps together, overlapping them for complex reverbs and chorus. Spread controls the spacing of taps, whether they feature even spreading or bunch together towards the earlier or later taps, while Taper causes the taps to fade up or down. Add predelay to introduce a slight pause before the first tap, up to one second. The modulation section features several LFO shapes and a shapeable envelope follower to add stutters, swells, and chorus-style effects.

Save and recall up to five presets that include snapshots of each knob's position. Catch-up mode helps account for saved knob position, not changing value until the knob corresponds with the current parameter setting, smoothing out any abrupt changes that may otherwise occur. An expression pedal input affects any combination of parameters with complete control over the range in the heel and toe positions. Input your sounds with either a mono TS cable or a stereo TRS cable, which corresponds to either dual mono or hard-panned stereo operation. Use MIDI over TRS or USB to control parameters, sync to MIDI clock, and unlock even more presets. Ultratap is the ultimate time-based pedal with comprehensive controls to make the most out of your playing with depth, space, and dynamic animation of any sound.

UltraTap Features

  • Multi-tap delay and time-based effect
  • Up to 64 taps
  • Five presets onboard and up to 127 with MIDI
  • Onboard LFO and shapable envelope follower
  • Slurm smears and slurs taps
  • Feedback adds repeats
  • Spread and taper control spacing and fading
  • Tone control adds filtering
  • Delay times up to four seconds
  • MIDI control over TRS and USB
  • Fully assignable expression pedal input
  • Mono TS or stereo TRS inputs
  • Dual mono or hard panned stereo outputs
  • Latching or momentary footswitch
  • Catch-up mode accounts for parameter changes from presets
  • Guitar or line-level switch
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4.25 x 1.68"/102 x 108 x 43mm
  • Power Specs: 9V 2.1mm center negative DC power
  • Input: Mono TS or stereo TRS
  • Outputs: Dual mono TS
  • Expression pedal: 1/4" TRS for expression pedal, aux switch, or MIDI
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