EventideH9000R Rackmount Effects Processor


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Eventide H9000R

H9000R is a stripped-down version of Eventide's highly-acclaimed H9000 multi-effects unit. Specifically, the unit has exactly the same feature set and beefy hardware sans the front panel controls. This effects rack is the result of years of research and improvement from the brand that is solely responsible for the materialization of multi-effects rack units paired with the most recent technological advancements. H9000R is running on 16 DSP engines driven by four quad-core ARM processors, rendering it an ideal host for the most demanding sound processing tasks, such as surround reverbs and complex effects chains.

The selection of effects algorithms in H9000R is extremely vast, perhaps too extensive for an attempt to list it here (we're talking thousands). However, you can be confident that you'll find a variety of options in every imaginable category, and well beyond that. You can chain up to four algorithms together, and a few chains can be saved in a single session.

The capability to process multichannel audio makes H9000R a top selection for post-production work, and complex live setups. This is further reinforced by the unit's robust I/O, and compatibility with network-based systems like Dante, MADI, and Ravenna.

While managing such complexity benefits from an assistant remote control application even on a front-panel-equipped H9000, it is essential to working with H9000R. Gladly, Eventide has you covered with Emote, which can run either as a stand-alone app on Mac, and Windows machines or as an AU/VST plugin inside your DAW of choice.

H9000R Features

  • Flagship multi-effects processor with a streamlined interface
  • Astonishingly powerful hardware with four quad-core ARM processors, and 16 DSP engines
  • Thousands of algorithms on board
  • Multichannel audio processing
  • FX chaining with flexible routing
  • Expansive I/O
  • Expansion slots for optional integration with DANTE, MADI, and AVB cards
  • Remote control via Emote application (free to download from Eventide's website)
  • Dimensions: Analog inputs: 2x XLR, 8 channels via DB25
  • Power Specs: Analog outputs: 2x XLR, 8x via DB25
  • Digital inputs: 1x coaxial S/PDIF, 1x XLR AES/EBU, 1x optical Toslink ADAT
  • Digital outputs: 1x coaxial S/PDIF, 1x XLR AES/EBU, 1x optical Toslink ADAT
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru via 5-pin DIN, USB
  • USB: 1x Type B, 4x Type A
  • Computer connectivity: USB & Ethernet
  • Power: mains power via IEC
  • Rack height: 2U
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Product Demo Videos
An Introduction to the Eventide H9000: Audio I/O Tutorial
The H9000 is an incredibly versatile audio tool - useful in professional recording studios, post-production, front-of-house applications, and live performance. It offers a variety of digital and analog I/O options, pristine analog to digital conversions, audio interface capabilities, and more. In this demo, we'll be taking a deeper look at the H9000's audio I/O possibilities.
Eventide H9000R Rackmount Effects Processor Reviews