EvatonCLX Dual Clock LFO Logic


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Evaton CLX

The CLX, from Evaton Technologies, is a multifarious module that imparts several crucial functions into any modular synthesizer system it is included in. The module is comprised of a Dual Clock, LFO, and Clocked Logic section in just 6hp! It provides two clock sources with two separate square wave analog oscillators, complete with logic outputs. Each oscillator has a frequency control knob, and a switchable high and low frequency range.

Each clock’s logical AND and XOR outputs are available simultaneously via the CLX’s straightforward front panel interface. The AND output is high when the A and B clocks are also high. Conversely, the XOR is only high when either A or B is independently high, but not when both are simultaneously at the same level. When properly patched, these outputs can contribute to complex rhythmic shifts across an entire patch.

CLX's outputs can be combined with envelope generators or VCAs for interesting results. The XOR output in particular is a formidable gate source, as its pulse width changes in accordance with the alterations of the A and B clocks.

Each of the modules outputs emit unipolar square waves and can be used to create complex LFO signals. Additionally, the CLX’s oscillators can venture into the audio range, enabling them to be used as fixed oscillators. The resulting tones are very similar to that of drones routed through a ring modulator.

CLX Features

  • Two Independent Clock Outputs
  • Signal Output: 0 to 8V
  • Individual Frequency Control for each Independent Clock
  • Frequency Range Toggle Switch Control (High/Low)
  • Frequency Range: Sub-1Hz to several hundred Hz
  • Two Logic Outputs (AND/XOR)
  • Square Wave LFO Function
  • Clocked Logic Function
  • Gate Driver Function
  • Audio Drone Function
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 20mm Depth
  • +12V/-12V: 10mA Current Draw
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