Eskatonic ModularEurorack Rails (Pair) - 168HP


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Eskatonic Modular Eurorack Rails (Pair)

Eskatonic Modular's Eurorack Rails are a pair of black, custom-lipped matching rails for racking against any capable case. House your 3U modules with 1U threaded spacing for each M3 hole, and you can purchase them in 120HP or 168HP depending on your needs.

Eurorack Rails (Pair) Features

  • Stylish black Eurorack rails
  • 1U spacing for M3 threads
  • Comes in 120 and 168HP options
  • Custom lipped for best fit
More Information
Size 168 (Horizontal Pitch indicates the physical width of the module; 1 HP is equal to 0.2" / 5.08mm)
  • Rail width: 120 or 168HP
  • M3 insert spacing: 5.08mm/1HP
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