Erogenous TonesBlip Radar Expander

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Erogenous Tones Blip

The Erogenous Tones Blip is an expander module for their Radar-8 AD/AR Envelope and LFO generator. It greatly enhances the capabilities of its host module, adding envelope inversion, reset controls, randomness and more! Consequently, it drastically increases the Radar-8’s modulation potential. The two modules can be conveniently connected with a single jumper cable. 

Blip Features

  • Expander for Radar
  • Provides extreme amounts of manipulation
  • Randomness
  • Inversion of envelopes
  • Reset controls
  • 8 white LED indicators
  • 8 blue/red LED indicators
  • Eurorack Module Expander
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: Skiff Friendly
  • Current Draw: 35mA @ +12V
  • Connects to RADAR via 4-pin cable (included)
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