Erica SynthsBlack Joystick 2 Controller


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Erica Synths Black Joystick 2

The Erica Synths Black series Joystick 2 takes gestural CV generation to a new level, integrating a whole host of features under the control of a two-axis joystick. The joystick features two sets of four simultaneous CV outputs for the X and Y axes and two gate outputs that correspond to the joystick movement. The joystick features a motion record function that tracks joystick movement and loops it, creating an automated modulation source. This allows for up to eight seconds of record time and individual and independent movement per channel or globally.

In addition to standard joystick tracking CV outputs, the Black Joystick has a few more tricks up its sleeve. In the sine wave LFO/Drone oscillator mode, the joystick position controls both the frequency and amplitude of sine wave LFOs. The motion record function is still available, letting you dynamically automate the LFOs. Putting the module into drone oscillator mode increases the frequency of the sine wave LFOs into audio rate, great for FM patches with an external oscillator. The random LFO/noise oscillator mode is similar but instead offers random voltage outputs instead of sine waves. The SNEW (South, North, East, West) Panner provides a fantastic way to add quadraphonic panning with the joystick position relative to the cardinal direction corresponding to the sets of CV outputs.

The Black Joystick 2 offers advanced control possibilities for interfacing gesturally with your Eurorack system.

Black Joystick 2 Features

  • Two-axis Joystick
  • Eight simultaneous CV outputs
  • Two gate outputs
  • Four channels of joystick motion record and playback
  • Internal sine wave and random LFO modulation with frequency and amplitude on the X and Y axes
  • Doubles as noise/drone oscillator
  • Panner mode for quadraphonic work
  • +/-5V range
  • Eight seconds of record time
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 71mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Erica Synths Black Joystick 2 demo
Erica Synths Black Joystick2 is 4 channel multi functional CV and sound source – joystick, movement recorder, distinct LFO and drone/noise oscillator. It provides great interaction with the modular system and allows to develop unconventional modulation patterns easily.
Erica Synths Black Joystick 2 Controller Reviews