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Erica SynthsBlack Stereo Delay


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Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay

The Erica Synths Black series Stereo Delay is a powerful delay module filled to the brim with delicious DSP tape echoes and an assortment of other delay-based effects. The Black Stereo Delay features a wide range of delay times, from 3ms to 3 seconds—which means that you can create metallic reverb-like effects when your time knob is positioned to the left, and long droning delay effects when the knob is positioned to the right. As one may surmise, this becomes a very powerful tool when modulated via CV or well-timed physical knob turning.

There are three modes of operation: PingPong, Tape, and Digital. The Tape and Digital modes each offer distinct sonic flavors, whereas PingPong creates back and forth panning effects for each repeat. The module features tap and clock synchronization of the delay time so that you can sync to other parts of your patch for tighter delay sounds, or you can tap tempo manually to sync your delay to other formats of gear such as desktop synthesizers or drum machines.

The module also provides different play modes: Add, Reverse, and Hold. The Hold mode samples up to 40 seconds of audio and loops your incoming signal. Add allows one to overdub their longer loops and delay lines—combined, these two features give the module limited looping capabilities. Reverse reverses your delay line, perfect for those dabbling in more psychedelic or longer tonal scapes. The module's feedback path also features soft limiting compression so that audio explosions are kept to a minimum. The module also offers an adjustable stereo spread, as well as CV control of all important parameters. This makes the Black Stereo Delay a perfect choice for the experimental synthesist who wants to add cycling textures into their patches!

Black Stereo Delay Features

  • Stereo I/O
  • Time parameter variable from 3ms–3 seconds
  • Hold function for limited looping
  • Overdubbing of loop
  • Reverse functionality for reversed delay tails
  • 3 modes of delay including: PingPong, Tape, and Digital
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 162mA @ +12V, 62 mA @ -12V
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