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Erica SynthsPĒRKONS HD-01 Hybrid Drum Machine + Synthesizer


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Erica Synths PĒRKONS HD-01

With true boom and clap like a roaring and cracking thunder comes PĒRKONS HD-01, a four-voice drum machine from Erica Synths that's ready to shake you to your core. Rising above its electric blue base, PĒRKONS offers a wealth of control over each voice, and the four-track sequencer and effects sends create a package that's perfect for sculpting skull-crushing drums and intricate rhythms. Each hybrid voice starts as one of three digital sound engines, shaped by eight controls, which then travels through an analog multimode filter, offering highpass, bandpass, and lowpass modes. With parameter automation and an LFO capable of phase modulation and morphing waveforms, you can make your tracks go from static to shock. The sounds of all four voices can be saved to a kit, with 64 kit slots on the unit itself. And with the option of additional SD card memory, preset design becomes easy and expandable.

For even further mangling, each voice has a dedicated output, as well as a send and return, making PĒRKONS easy to integrate with your external gear, and to process and polish in the DAW or a mixdown session. PĒRKONS also has internal sends to a digital bucket brigade delay that emulates analog circuits for creating dark tails, and the master output sums all four voices through an analog optical compressor and overdrive for smacking transients and a glued mix. The sequencer allows you to create up to 64 patterns, providing clock division and multiplication per track, and per-step ratchets and probabilities for conjuring elastic rhythms. Performability and sync are no issue for PĒRKONS, with velocity-sensitive trigger inputs and extensive MIDI implementation, great for adding drum pads for a live feel and keeping other drum machines, synths, or plugins in time.

PĒRKONS HD-01 is sure to bring the boisterous energy of the heavens to your productions and performances.

PĒRKONS HD-01 Features

  • Four voice drum machine with hybrid voices—digital sound source and analogue multimode filter
  • Velocity sensitive trigger inputs for drum pads
  • Eight controls per voice
  • Individual outs and send and returns per voice
  • Built-in analog-emulation digital BBD, optical compressor and overdrive
  • Flexible modulation LFO
  • 64 kit and 64 pattern memory (additional memory via SD card)
  • Four track sequencer with 4 time divisions and multipliers per track
  • Per step ratchets and probabilities
  • Four shuffle algorithms
  • MIDI I/O
  • TBD
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Product Demo Videos
PĒRKONS HD-01 sound demo
First part of PĒRKONS HD-01 sound demo is here!
Erica Synths PĒRKONS HD-01 Hybrid Drum Machine + Synthesizer Reviews