Erica SynthsLXR-02 6-Voice Drum Module


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Erica Synths LXR-02 6-Voice Drum Module

Bringing the beloved sound of the original drum machine to Eurorack, the LXR-02 Eurorack Module from Erica Synths is a modular installation of their fantastic LXR-02, designed in collaboration with Sonic Potions. Sporting six stellar digital voices, the LXR-02 Eurorack shaves off no features that were found in the original model, with three multipurpose voices that can be used as drums, basses, or leads as well as dedicated snare, clap/cymbal, and hi-hat voices. With variations on oscillator configuration and filter routing, all voices feature a detailed amount of control over the amplitude contour, transient generation, and insert effects for adding edge to pristine samples and digital oscillators. All this said, the power lies throughout the insane amount of customization with over 30 parameters per voice and further detailing with onboard mixing and effects for finalizing and polishing the sounds.

Of course, what makes the LXR-02 Eurorack Module stand out from its predecessor is its open-ended sequencing options with trigger and accent inputs per voice with an additional trigger for the open hi-hat. This not only allows you to have sequences from a multitude of sources, but it also breaks from the normalization to any sort of grid—making it capable of producing more arhythmic and non-western results. The five assignable CV sources allow for much more complex modulation across any parameter with 1V/Oct tracking available to create earth-shaking basslines, fluttery arpeggios, and so much more. Additionally, the four assignable outputs act as a great source for separate processing across multiple voices or even effects for separate mixdown.

Save all your hard work to LXR-02 Eurorack Module's internal kits and create tons of modified and unique sounds and kits with LXR-02's rear-accessible SD card and slot for sample and kit collection. With the same red-segmented LED screen with multifunction knobs and highly satisfying data encoder, the LXR-02 Eurorack Module brings the beefy and chaotic sounds of the original to the fluid and expressive world of modular synthesis.

LXR-02 Eurorack Module Features

  • Six-voice drum module
  • Three multipurpose drum voices, a dedicated subtractive clap/snare voice, FM percussion voice, and a hi-hat voice
  • Seven trigger and six accent inputs for the six voices (additional trigger in for the open HH)
  • Five assignable CV inputs with 1V/Oct tracking
  • Four assignable voice outputs for separate processing and mixing
  • Internal insert FX selection
  • Kit memory with easy saving and exchanging over rear SD slot (kits compatible with original LXR-02)
  • Eight voice/parameter select buttons with four knobs relating to the onscreen parameters
  • Data encoder for page and parameter changes
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 28hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 88mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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