Erica SynthsLiquid Sky Dada Noise System II


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Erica Synths Liquid Sky Dada Noise System II

Erica Synths, in collaboration with the Liquid Sky Artist Collective, took inspiration from the Dada art movement of the early 20th century and brought that spirit into a Eurorack system. Now updated with new modules, the Dada Noise System II excels as a tool for noise, sound design, ambient soundscapes, and out-of-this-world glitch madness. It features a collection of modules from Erica Synths' Black and Fusion series that combines the best parts of analog tube warmth and digital control and processing.

While you do get a traditional VCO in the form of the Fusion VCO2, all the modules included in the system do double duty as sound sources in the correct configurations. Modulation comes in a few different forms, from periodic oscillations to random voltages and gates to tactile control in the form of a multi-function joystick. Effects range from real spring reverb to a stereo DSP delay. Sculpt your noise using the Black Dual VCF and Fusion VCF3 to get a massive range of tones and timbres. Experimental sound artists and those looking for a holistic source of noise and unpredictability should rejoice at the Liquid Sky Dada Noise System II.

Liquid Sky Dada Noise System II Features

  • Noise system
  • Fusion VCO2
  • Fusion VCF3
  • Fusion Modulator
  • Black Stereo Delay
  • Black Joystick 2
  • Black VC CLock
  • Black Modulator
  • Black Dual VCF
  • Black Quad VCA
  • Black Spring Reverb
  • Black Output
  • Comes with 25 patch cables
  • Comes with vertical side panels
  • US Plug
  • Full specs TBD
Erica Synths Liquid Sky Dada Noise System II Reviews