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Erica SynthsBullfrog Desktop Semi-Modular Synthesizer


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Erica Synths Bullfrog

Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin have teamed up to present Bullfrog: a patchable analog synthesizer designed to help learn and cultivate an understanding of synthesis. If you're a synth novice, the included voice cards and stencils will lead you toward enriching sonic discovery, but synth veterans will appreciate the care and attention placed into Bullfrog's design and sound.

With a completely analog design, Bullfrog begins with a high-quality oscillator that features variable waveshapes and superb tracking across eight octaves. From there, a dependable VCF resonant lowpass filter and a combination VCA + Delay effect complete the signal path for delicious and inspiring tones. Bullfrog also features two looping envelope generators plus a sample and hold circuit for controlling and modifying sounds. Surprisingly rare for a synthesizer, Bullfrog even has a built-in speaker for easily listening to your patch, though of course, you can use the external audio and headphone outputs if you prefer.

Despite its position as a beginner-friendly instrument, Bullfrog can stand among gear in the most professional of studios and is easily integrated into any setup thanks to its inclusion of MIDI, USB, and CV + gate connections. And anything that's not included on Bullfrog may be supplemented with voice cards—out of the box, Bullfrog offers Sequencer, Acid Bassline, and Sampler Looper cards to create even more interesting patches than what the instrument could achieve alone. Whether a noobie or an expert, Bullfrog has plenty to offer for synthesists of all experience levels.

Bullfrog Features

  • Synthesizer designed with Richie Hawtin
  • Educational instrument enjoyable by beginners and experts alike
  • Fully analog design
  • Analog oscillator with 8 octave tracking
  • Voltage-controllable waveshapes and pulse-width modulation
  • Noise generator
  • Resonant lowpass filter
  • VCA with offset
  • Audio delay effect with time and feedback controls
  • 2x looping ASR envelopes
  • Sample + Hold circuit
  • Manual gate trigger button
  • Voice card slot with three included cards: Acid Bassline, Sequencer, Sampler Looper
  • Internal speaker
  • Audio and headphones output
  • 5-PIN MIDI input
  • USB-C connector
  • Includes 10 patch cables and patch note stencils
  • Dimensions: 40 x 385 x 210 mm
  • Power: 12VDC PSU included
Product Demo Videos
Erica Synths x Richie Hawtin Bullfrog sound demo
Created by Erica Synths & Richie Hawtin. Bullfrog is designed to captivate and inspire both youth and professionals alike.
Erica Synths Bullfrog Desktop Semi-Modular Synthesizer Reviews