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Erica SynthsBlack System II Modular Synthesizer


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Erica Synths Black System II

The Erica Synths Black series Black System II is a full modular system, featuring a wide range of options for sound generation, processing, and control. It ships in a 6U 84HP Erica skiff and includes a universal PSU and patch cables—so it's ready to play right out of the box.

Comprised of modules from the Erica Black series, this system provides a mix of analog and digital sound generation and processing. As such, it is well-suited to a wide range of styles and sounds, ranging from huge leads and basslines all the way to evolving generative soundscapes. The Black Wavetable VCO and Black VCO provide a powerful sonic core, while the Multimode VCF and Polivoks VCF offer multiple flavors of filtering from subtle to extreme. The Stereo Delay provides multiple modes of spatial echoes, and the Black Output module provides an easy means of connecting your system to headphones, an audio interface, or live sound gear.

Of course, no modular system is complete without modulation: and the Black System II provides plenty. From the Black Modulator to the Dual EG/LFO, Octasource, and Black EG to utilities like CV Tools and XFade, this system is capable of creating complex webs of interweaving modulation—or of creating multiple independent voices each with their own fully-fledged audio and modulation paths.

An integrated MIDI-CV converter and Joystick provide fun ways to take manual control of the system, and to integrate it into an existing studio workflow. With this many options, the Black System II is a sure way to discover new sounds and techniques for ages.

Black System II Features

  • Full Eurorack modular system—ready to play!
  • Comprised entirely of Erica Black series modules in a 6U, 84hp Erica skiff
  • Black VCO and Black Wavetable VCO for audio generation
  • Black Multimode VCF and Polivoks VCF for a wide range of filter tones
  • Black Modulator, Octasource, Joystick, and more for extensive modulation options
  • Black Stereo Delay for spatial effects and echoes
  • Includes universal PSU and 25 patch cables
  • 2x84HP skiff
  • PSU included
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