Erica SynthsBlack Sequencer Four-Track Sequencer

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Erica Synths Black Sequencer

Erica Synths's flagship Eurorack four-track CV and modulation sequencing monster is finally here—the Black Sequencer. This Eurorack sequencer brings quite a bit to the table, including CV recording, micro tuning, and an impressive amount of per-step functions. Sixteen encoders are available for quick adjustments of settings or dialing in notes with the built-in quantizer, and provide an easy to understand interface that invites creativity and experimentation.

Some of the most exciting features of the Black Sequencer lay in its per-step function programming. These settings allow you to make every step of your sequences unique and animated with LFOs, glide, timing adjustments and divisions, or simply randomize parameters every new step. Erica Synths took great care in making sure their instruments are optimized for composing and performing electronic and experimental music, and from the looks of the Black Sequencer, they’ve succeeded brilliantly.

Black Sequencer Features

  • Four-channel CV, gate, and modulation sequencer
  • Up to 64 steps per pattern, and 16 banks of 16 patterns memory
  • CV recording for quick on-the-fly sequencing
  • Per Track sequence length & timing with divisions and multiplication
  • Probability, repeat, and ratcheting per step
  • Built-in quantizer & microtonal tuning
  • Modulation section includes LFOs, envelopes and parameter randomizations
  • Song mode allows for pattern chaining and repeating
  • Shuffle & swing available globally or per track
  • MIDI in & out
  • SD slot for backups and firmware updates
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 42hp
  • Depth: Current Draw: 148 mA +12V, 20 mA -12V
  • Current draw: Depth: 25mm
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