Erica SynthsBlack Polivoks System


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Erica Synths Black Polivoks System

The Polivoks synthesizer is perhaps the best known of the synthesizers to come out of the Soviet Union—and Erica Synths have now captured its essence in a dedicated Black series modular system. Known for its aggressive sound and distinctive filter, the original Polivoks has become a collector's item since Formanta ceased production. Erica Synths worked to create a worthy successor with the Black Polivoks system, an 84HP system that features all the essential components to make a Polivoks-style synthesizer in a convenient Eurorack format.

The most iconic feature of the Polivoks is the filter, and the Black Polivoks VCF captures the authentic sound, using the original K140UD12 ICs in the design. While the original synthesizer was keyboard-based, Erica Synths implemented a MIDI to CV converter to use the system with external MIDI devices such as keyboards or sequencers. Two analog VCOs use the matched transistor ICs found in the Polivoks and feature four simultaneous primary waveform outputs and sub-oscillator output an octave down. Mix the VCO waveforms using the Black Mixer, a three-channel audio mixer with three buffered outputs.

The modulation sources are the Black Modulator V2 and a pair of Black EGs. Equipped with a VCO/VCLFO, triple noise source, and sample and hold, the Black Modulator V2 is a powerful modulation source. The Black EGs are ADSR envelope generators that feature looping functionality and a delayed gate output, which is great for linking the two in tandem. Control your signal's amplitude using the Black VCA, which features continuous fading between linear and logarithmic response and an LED bar graph to indicate signal level.

While you may find yourself hard-pressed to get an original Formanta Polivoks, this system from Erica Synths does a great job bringing the functionality into a Eurorack setup.

Black Polivoks System Features

  • Polivoks-inspired system
  • Based on the functionality of the Formanta Polivoks
  • Two Black VCO2s
  • Black MIDI-CV
  • Black Modulator V2
  • Black Polivoks VCF
  • Two Black EGs
  • Black VCA
  • Comes in 84HP Eurorack case
  • Full specs TBD
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