EowaveTitan Discrete Oscillator


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Eowave Titan

Eowave’s Titan line is comprised of sound generators emulative of the original sounds produced by the Titan Haze. The transistors therein granted the oscillators an exceptionally wide frequency range that resulted in a distinctly singular sound. Two Titan modules can be used in tandem to produce dynamic bass tones.

The module’s densité des brumes knob lets users shape the sound to their liking, with the module itself capable of generating a base frequency of +/- 15 semitones from 1Hz to 6kHz.

Titan Features

  • SYNC : Soft Synchronisation
  • MLI : Pulse width modulation input ENTREE CT : 1 Volt/octave frequency control input, - also available on the DOEPFER 16 pin Ribbon cable.
  • MOD2 Second frequency modulation input
  • SCIE: Waw wave output
  • CARREE: Square wave output
  • Eurorack Module
  • Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed
  • 5HP Width
  • +12v: 8mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 6mA Current Draw
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