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EowaveRicochet Quad Decay Envelopes + VCAs


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Eowave Ricochet

Ricochet from Eowave offers four chainable decay envelopes with integrated VCAs, perfect for creating ratcheting rhythmic phrases, plucky percussive voices, and more. Inspired by the movement of skipping stones as they bounce across water, Ricochet delivers effortlessly organic musical gestures across its numerous applications. A unique linking function triggers subsequent envelopes at the end of the preceding decay, opening up all sorts of multi-envelope fun from simple four-voice drum kits to a radically weird envelope sequencer.

With a 100% analog signal path, Ricochet's trigger inputs are sensitive to fluctuations in trigger amplitude, allowing you to attenuate gate signals to create dynamics and accented phrases. Each decay stage has a dedicated VCA capable of subtle saturation, making Ricochet an all-in-one solution for deriving simple note shapes for percussive voices. While each envelope and VCA features a dedicated output, there is a summed output for both, giving you ultimate flexibility in signal routing. Each envelope's decay time CV input is normalized to the next, allowing for expansion and contraction of the total phrase with a single modulation source.

Bouncing even further into Ricochet's bag of tricks, a number of convenient options have been added that greatly increase its functionality. A trimmer on the panel allows you to modify the trigger threshold of linked envelopes, giving you control over the movement from one decay to the next. A rear header allows you to chain two Ricochets together or link the last envelope to the first, creating a longer chain that can loop back on itself for decay time-dependent envelope sequencing. Eowave has also added a convenient noise generator normalled to the first input, making Ricochet an immediate hi-hat, clap, or snare voice with no additional sound sources. If you're looking for percussive envelopes, creative modulation sources, or a flexible analog burst generator, Ricochet is ready to bounce right into your rack.

Ricochet Features

  • Analog, chainable quad decay envelope with integrated quad VCA
  • Each envelope may be linked to trigger the next, creating consecutive curves for ratchet effects and more
  • Manual triggers buttons and gate inputs for each decay envelope
  • Gate inputs are velocity-sensitive, attenuating envelope amplitude with variations in gate amplitude
  • Dedicated faders, CV inputs, and CV attenuators for each envelope
  • Envelope CV inputs are normalled to the first for easy manipulation of all envelopes with a single modulation source
  • Dedicated individual outputs for each envelope and VCA
  • Summed outputs for both envelopes and VCAs (connecting any individual output removes it from summed mix)
  • Gain control for each VCA capable of subtle saturation
  • Trimmer control for linked envelope trigger threshold
  • Header on back allows you to link another Ricochet or link the last envelope to the first
  • On-board noise generator normalled to first input for instant percussive sounds
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 120 mA @ +12V, 120 mA @ -12V, 0 mA @ +5V
Eowave Ricochet Quad Decay Envelopes + VCAs Reviews