EowaveEO-310 Sensor Signal Processor


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Eowave EO-310

Finally, a convenient means of integrating Eowave’s sensor systems with modular synthesizer systems! The EO-310 Sensor Signal Processor gives users the ability to connect any Eowave sensor into a desired parameter on their modular synth. Whichever parameter is controlled is completely up to the user.

But wait, there’s more! The module features Lag, Offset, and Gain parameters, for bringing unruly sensors into full compliance for optimal response. Simply connect a sensor to the 3.5mm input, then patch the processed sensor signal into any parameter!

EO-310 Features

  • Plug 0-5V sensors to control your modular
  • 1 input for sensors mini jack 3,5'' with LED for activity
  • Lag from 0 to 10: to smooth out unstable sensors
  • Offset -/+: -5 to +5
  • The gain is acting like a zoom. In the negatives, it acts like an inverter
  • Gate: generates a gate when the signal is above 0
  • Out: output of the processed sensor signal
  • Eurorack Module
  • 5 HP Width
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