EMWEnvelope Follower (BLACK)


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EMW Envelope Follower

EMW’s Envelope Follower module utilizes audio, trigger, and gate signals to generate CV. The module features manual controls that can be used to dial in a precise response time. The module is extremely useful for extracting envelopes from dynamic input signals (like vocals or drums), or altering the time characteristics of other CV signals. 

This is the BLACK version of the Envelope Follower. 

Envelope Follower Features

  • Two Ranges of Attack/Decay Time (Fast/Slow)
  • Trigger and Gate Outputs
  • Fast Circuit Design with Precise Response Time
  • Suitable for Audio and Control Voltage Input Signals
  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • 50mm Depth
  • +12V/-12V: 9mA Current Draw
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